Sense and Sensibility

For me that is what constitutes the photographic escort of a wedding.
To capture the meaning of this day, the intimacy and familiarity of the couple, the joy and the atmosphere of the party – every little touch and look, but also the big gestures and emotions, to make them be visited again even after a long time, that is my aspiration.

My passion

is therefore the coverage because I can consider all these aspects and in the end we have a documentation of the big day.
No other style of photography allows this kind of broadness and variety. Only in this way I can do justice to all the interpersonal facets which make up a wedding.

The greatest gift

of photography, to capture treasured moments and share them, it still has something magical for me.
When the viewer looks through my photos they should laugh, smile or cry happy tears, they should remember all the feelings they felt and feel them again.

Your wedding in pictures – because memories fade with time.